Saturday, 28 March 2009

Holding back the ears :P

Hey folks,
It's been a few weeks but now i'm back! Just gonna give yous a brief update.Nothing major has happened yet in my 'kingdom of empty' , but the job prospects are looking up.I should be starting voluntary work with a local nursery in the next 2 weeks, if the damn training providers pull their fingers out lol! Also, I have applied for a few part time jobs in the meantime so that i can pursue all the things i enjoy once i start my training! (cinemagoing, drinking, shopping...i know.the usual lady things i guess, but things i have sorely missed over the last couple of years and i AM a lady so i deserve to enjoy them!) I managed to bash out a few badass cover letters too, that's the spirit, knock'em dead)
In other news, I'm starting to feel a little isolated, as in i feel i've lost a few ties with old friends.You know how it is when you make contact after a few years and they've settled down,had a couple of sprogs,rolling around in seemingly domestic bliss? yeah, that's me right now.Most attempts at trying to meet with people in the last week have been met with 'oh, i'm meeting this person or that person,sorry' or 'taking the littleun to whatchamacallit, another time'.See the thing is,I havent a penny to my name at the moment and i'm starting to think noone wants to give me the time of day just cos i'm broke! pathetic i know, and i'm not MAD at them for being busy parents but who wouldn't feel pathetic in my situation? And there i go feeling sorry for myself again...not taking responsibility for my own actions blah blah blah.Yeah, the self help books may have upped my confidence in the wake of what's happened but it doesn't stop me feeling JUST A LITTLE BIT crap :( So right now, I send e-hugs to everyone who's lost their job in these dark and desperate times...and pretty much everyone else who's feeling a bit low.
Anyways, enough of that.I DO go on, don't i?! so much for the 'brief' update...well i felt like having a rant, and suddenly afterwards things don't sound too gloomy! It's like I've actually stepped into the quagmire that is my head and dug all the worms out :) (and i know theyr'e good for the soil but the last thing i need up there are those slimy little blighters!)

If anyone wants to send me a hug back,please feel free....I like them :)

And to any of my friends who may have read this, I still love you, i'm just going through the motions!! X

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