Monday, 9 March 2009

I'm NOT the victim.

Today's motto: You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.

Well helloes again,

I'm not writing shitloads today but thought i'd give you a couple of little updates....

firstly,I've got a nursery placement sorted :) Just need to chase up the pissing paperwork before i can actually start earning a few bob and begin living life again.
Bumped into an old friend yesterday (whilst on the way to a friend's...yes, i do have friends now! lol!) and it cheered me up so much,he hasn't changed one bit in 6 years.He suggested that myself and a few others should get together soon and have a few drinks-just those few words really brightened up my day and reminded me that true friends will always remember you.
One of my best mates Sam had a heart-to-heart with me yesterday,she has been so supportive over these last few weeks, as has one of my other closest friends Laura.I look at them struggling to keep it together as single mums and that puts all my problems into perspective....I have genuine hope now.I'm not clinging onto the unattainable.I feel stronger,wiser,refreshed.After only 6 weeks!I'm gonna go all hippy-ish on you now and say I'm proof that no matter how much shit is thrown at you,you CAN wash it off!!

Much luv.X

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