Wednesday, 4 March 2009

ch-ch-changes :)

Hey you mofo's

Well, today's gone pretty well in relation to previous weeks.I have an interview tomorrow at a local pre-school for a voluntary placement which will hopefully pay once my apprenticeship paperwork is sorted out! whoop whoop!
I'm back in the library (again!) ....god knows when i'll get my own inet back but one thing at a time eh...i need monehs for that!Dad has asked me to find out what goes with lobster as he's gonna be cooking it for dinner sometime this week.I dunno...peas? llamas? bricks?
As you may have gathered i am in yet another weird mood...but at least it's a better one.I think I'm finally starting to adjust to thinking independently again.It's horrible when you feel you are relying on someone else for pretty much everything, even your next thought!! I'm consumed with future plans at the moment! some of those things are....

To travel (I've got america,Iceland,Aussie,New Zealand and Japan on the list)
To drive!! (It's about bloody time i had my own car)
To start drawing again
To cook more
To lose another stone!

I mean let's face it, i'm doing quite well here.I havent set completely inachievable goals, which makes me feel like I'm on the track to finding a purpose :)
I'm also going to set myself a daily goal or motto, so that even when i'm bored shitless i can still find the motivation to breathe!

Today then, i'm gonna make you laugh with this joke that my friend Sam sent me last night...

An 80 year old man is given a jar to provide a sperm sample to the doctor.he turns up 2 days later with an empty jar.the nurse asks 'why no sample...?' he says 'sorry...i tried with my right hand, then my left...then my wife tried with both hands,then her mouth...1st with teeth in then teeth out...then we got ethel from next door to try but it was no good! we just couldnt get the bloody jar open!!'

And the motto of that is? Don't try TOO hard.It really doesn't work!

Laters fools xx

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