Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Right that's it.I've got so much stuff to get off my chest it's unfathomable, and i figured one of the best ways i can do that is via a blog!

The situation is as follows...I'm a 23 year old (somewhat mental) female who has found herself in a little bit of a predicament.I broke up with the bf about 6 weeks ago,moved back to my folks,still not properly sorted myself out....emotions still high...etc etc.I won't bore you any more with that.
I'm currently jobless,it was all my own fault, i chose not to return to work cos trust me-i was in no fit state! but everyone makes mistakes and i guess that's what makes us human.I'm properly cursing myself now for the way things are, but i'm making progress,I've bashed out so many CV's now that i can actually hear the cows slowly mooing their way home ^^
Something must come up, surely.you throw enough shit at the wall and some of it's gonna stick,is it not?I'll keep everyone posted on this....
In other news, i'm really just missing friends at the moment...They're around,but theyr'e all so busy and they have MONEY!! (kindly make all donations payable to stefsayssomething.com.)
I'm sure i won't feel like this forever,but right now i really need a purpose in life!! I can't even concentrate on a book at the moment cos my brain has gone to noodles :-S

I guess all i want is for someone to make me laugh....:-D

more coming soon.X

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