Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Workin in Wombledom

Hi fiiiiiiiiive.

A brief, kinda lame update in kittehworld is due.Now get off my case-i'm a)too tired and b) too busy to blog like bloggers should. Started my new job on monday, working part-time in the kewlest day-nursery ever in wombledom (wimbledon, lol) had a pretty manic first couple of days, keep forgetting EVERYONE'S names! though i guess it's to be expected from someone like myself, who struggles to remember what I said 5 minutes ago like ALL THE TIME.

I'm steering well clear from the spiritual musings today though, I can't stomach any of it right now as over the last week i've probably had no more than 10 hour's sleep.mum's meds make her incredibly fidgety and she's up and down the stairs like a a kid with a yoyo on a pogo stick, as well as muttering to herself.loudly.She's been popping'em for about a month now though, so fingers crossed events take a turn for the better real soon...it's been a rough ride to put it in simple terms.

In other news, (this phrase has now earned it's rightful place in my blog and i approve.) i've made a new friend on twitter :D well...we haven't hung out enough to call it a genuine friendship yet but the first meetup went well-his name is Scott, and i'm not telling you his twitter handle cos that's just goddamn rude without his permission, and i'm a respectable young lady :P So, we had a couple of pints in Croydon and random-bantered for a couple of hours, it was just so serene spending time in the company of a charming, witty male without all the 'ohmygod when is he gonna kiss me,ohmygod i sooo shouldn't have stroked his arm that way' rubbish that goes hand-in-hand with dates.

I've been single for about 5 months now and i never foresaw myself saying this but i actually really enjoy it! I've finally awoken to what 'loving oneself' means-it's got sweet F.A to do with egotism, it's about making TIME for yourself, getting up off your arse and rediscovering the finer things in life that bring you true joy and satisfaction.

YEAH! so i'm sorry if today's post has not stimulated you intellectually, but gimme a break! I'm a Gemini remember, so I can assure you there are further rants in progress.I JUST WANT TO BE NICE TODAY, is that ok???

yakkkkkksimaaaash, chinquy, compliments to the peoples etc



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