Saturday, 30 May 2009

Dogsbody,mind and soul :)


So, good things do indeed come to those who wait.completely contradicts my present view of actions reap rewards....but then again I guess life itself is a contradiction.We live in a vast shifting sand of opposites which are in fact entwined in a far greater world of glorious impermanence.... what angers me is that the vast majority of us Westerners are blind to it. Driven by image and the dangerous limitations of our humble five senses,we seek power in the external, the bloody trappings of the material realm. We cling like limpets to these mere mind-objects which cast our eyes away from the beauty of pure existence-the concept of oneness with our surroundings and the sanctity of every life form, on every scale, within them.
Yeah, here i go again you might say, but truth be told I'm slowly but surely tapping into something exciting here. You see, this is because i have discovered the art of mindfulness-or at least the notion that this is no longer is real and completely within my grasp.As I surveyed the great beyond,it suddenly dawned on me how peaceful one's mind can be when one simply sits back, and looks, without judgement.I closed my eyes and focussed my complete attention on my own breath. (it IS possible to do this, trust me) with each breath, i felt the earth's energy wash away all the tension within my body.amazing! It's almost like i was so focussed on that one thing, my breathing, that my body suddenly 'forgot' to feel pain...tres strange,but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable and empowering.I'm also convinced that i've been either a cat or a dog in a past life.This afternoon i had TWO dogs run up to me-one pretty much flopped down into my lap (!!!) and the other presented me with a chewed-up football that he was SO asking me to throw, so i was like 'there ye go ye crazy mutt, FETCH!' both encounters were met with a profound sense of interconnection, of oneness-exchanges of the same energy I had used earlier to 'heal' my aching limbs.This,however, is what the experience meant to me.I don't give a damn if your'e reading this thinking i'm stark staring mad, cos i am, and i'm quite comfortable with it thank you!
I'm not sure if i would have felt that connection had i not meditated,but the fact remains that I experienced something of a divine nature and that, my friends, is a gift.I may not have been awfully productive today (other than getting burnt) but I was most definitely momentarily enlightened :)
anyway, in other news....i'm awaiting a phonecall/e-mail next week about a start date for my new job, I can finally relax and know that my life is happening perfectly-all because I know that change is the way of the Geminian, and I had welcomed the nature of change,of impermanence, into my life,with open arms.I have gotten what I wanted by not striving to meet these 'norms' that only we, as a race, deal ourselves.I'm definitely trying yoga next week :)

thought of the day:If i ignore it, maybe the problem will go away - wonder if this applies to sunburn :S

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