Friday, 18 September 2009

It's been a long time, baby!

Areet folks....

So...have been neglecting poor old blog for at least 2's not awfully long i know, but i'm kinda surprised that I didn't post any updates before now...and why? this lady has a life!! ;) ok, so that life mainly consists of work and study these days, but there have been some rather crazy goings-on...especially in recent weeks!

Work is awesome, i've properly settled in now and finally know all the children's's still hell trying to tell the twins apart though ^^.I managed to grab a few extra hours as well...every penny counts! I suppose your'e wondering why i'm not working full time...i dont choose to be a part-time bum,it took me 6 months to find a job in the first place and i'd rather have 21 hours than sweet fuck all! wouldn't you? :P I'm currently trawling the interwebings for a full-time job at the minute...i'm sure i would have had one by now if these godforsaken companies actually bothered to give my enquiries a moment's many others like me i wonder, in the current economic crisis? :S hmm...anyway, i fear a full-blown rant here, and I don't particularly want to taint this latest entry with such dark themes...I feel this one needs a wash of colour-and you have all heard enough about the state of the country.Please excuse my cynicism, though, I know perfectly well that there is a large proportion of you who are quite happy to remain in the bosom of beautiful Blighty...

Oh,i finally visited Scotland at the end of last month (i've wanted to go for years,but plans have always fallen through...i'm useless at decision-making and general organisational skills.My star sign is to blame.(one irritating conviction that i'll discuss in more detail at a later date...) See i succeeded this time cos i didn't plan too far ahead in was one of those impulse choices you make when your'e chatting to a friend on msn who happens to dwell deep in the Scottish ^^ i simply could not miss this opportunity! looking back though, I was pleasantly surprised that Adam, the aquaintance-since-turned-boyfriend (yes, i'll get to that part a little later) was happy to accommodate me for a whole week-we weren't exactly bosom buddies when we initially met, despite the fact we found ourselves under the same roof! He was one of my flatmates when I resided in Shithampton (Southampton) and we didn't talk much cos I was too wrapped up in my then squeeze...also living with us.the whole situation was...uncomfortable, not to mention illegal as I'd already signed a tenancy agreement for a house that I 'left' to stay with Adam and co! but nevertheless, twas kinda fun.Funny thing is, I'd barely known the guy by the time I was inviting myself over! I guess we grew a little closer thanks to msn and twitter...but mostly msn.Oh the joys of modern communication..:)

Alas, before i divulge gratuitously on the finer details of my personal life,i'll skip to the part when I got there! I could not believe how breathtaking the countryside much SPACE! tbh i shouldn't have been this taken aback, i mean what else did i expect to see in the heart of the borders? a supermassive black hole?! :D Anyhoo, it was a truly wonderful week.Went for a stroll, resisted the undying temptations of near-vertical-hill running,and doing unspeakable things to the local farmer's livestock...also took a bit of time out to marvel at the historic architecture in E'burgh...not to mention the delicious food! here are a few snaps from the week for those who can't see them on facebook :P




Yeah, so much fun was had.wish you were there ;)
Needless to say,leaving was the hardest part, mostly cos my friendship with Adam deepened over the course of my stay and we ended up parting as an 'official' couple,lol....the words 'long distance' didn't enter my head at that point, I was still riding on one of the best highs of my life.And after all the grief i've suffered at the beginning of the year, I think it's undoubtedly fair that I deserved this!

You may ask now, what does the future hold? Well i have never been one to fret too much about the future, though I do tend to dwell on the past...long and tiresome story.I don't wish to partake in the jinxing of such a joyous occurrence! I'm living each day as it comes, concentrating on the present (and ok then, IMMEDIATE future) cos this Friday it's destination Walkerburn again! Nothing but cows, sheep, (no ducks i'm afraid...i haven't abandoned the search yet...) and my gorgeous new boyfriend. :)
Alright, I'm slightly sorry for going so soppy on your asses, but i guess most of you have experienced these feelings before...I mean it's not like i'm being overly explicit now is it?! It's all i can think about right now and probably will be for some time to get used it.I'll soon change the record if you get bored....
Peace oot, bozzos.

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